Transit of venus march 22 2020 astrology

In this case, Jupiter retrograde will offer a chance to recognize and admit the problem. Things may get so out of control that an intervention or some drastic event must occur to shake you out of your complacency or ignorance. Once Jupiter stations direct you should have come to terms with the relevant issues and be ready to leap ahead toward success and happiness. People with this star strong in their charts are noted for doing well in debate, business, sport, and high office in general.

If not well aspected, though, they can be inclined to strike first and ask afterwards, with an embarrassing loss of face.

Moon square Mercury can bring disagreement because of parochialism or moodiness. You may feel very opinionated on a particular subject and care little what others think. Emotional biases can influence your thinking, and your intellectual reasoning can influence how your feel about a person or subject.

Try to take a critical look at both sides as you perfect your ideas. Mercury square Jupiter brings a broad and optimistic outlook. But a lack of concentration or inability to focus on the smaller details may lead to errors of judgement and mistakes. Overconfidence is possible and could be seen as arrogance or even bigotry. Moon opposite Jupiter brings good feelings and generosity but also lack self-control and gullibility. If you are too trusting and kind you could be taken advantage of. Your generosity might be seen as a weakness by others. Being less guarded about your feelings can be an open invitation to interfering mothers or moral crusaders.

Obsessions and jealousy are possible. Concerns about your future or questioning of your belief system could make you feel emotionally upset and trigger excessive behaviors such as over eating and substance abuse. Asteroid Juno conjunct Moon makes romance a major focus of Jupiter retrograde Juno rules women of childbearing age, soul mates, true love and commitment. Demetra George says Juno symbolizes the mystical union, or state of spiritual consciousness you can reach when you transcend your ego. Overcoming separateness through union and becoming one with the universe. But the challenging star and aspects suggest true love will be tested by selfishness, arrogance, intolerance, jealousy, infidelity or disloyalty.

Create your chart HERE. Venus conjunct Neptune reinforces the romantic theme of Jupiter retrograde It brings new love or more compassion and spiritual bonding to an existing relationship. But disappointment is possible if you have not been accepting the harsh realities of a negative relationship.

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It can test your faith due to an embarrassment or disappointment. You may have been too trusting or over idealized a romantic interest. Avoid being too optimistic. You may feel trusting and generous but the risk of delusion and deception is too great to risk your resources. Also avoid gambling, drugs, gurus, cults and get-rich-quick schemes. Rely on the advice of trusted friends and family. Thank you, Jamie. Lots of us a having this transit.

Should one just get on with living as decently as one can, and leave whatever else is there to fate? Hello Jamie just curious what will Jupiter bring me in this year of ??

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Looks like a good time to declare the Democratic party bankrupted and disband it forever. Get the poison out of our political system. Hi Jamie, this retrograde station has been forming a grand trine transit in my chart as I have Sun at 24 Pisces and ascendant at 24 Cancer also mars at 23 cancer. Wondering what this grand trine transit means? Things have been going great lately, hoping it lasts.

Hi Jamie, what does it mean when Jupiter becomes stationary retrograde exactly while being in a sextile to the natal moon? The quincunx often results as one of the involved planets giving way to the other, very difficult for Gemini and Scorpio to compromise. This may include personalizing content and advertising. By using our site, you accept our use of cookies, revised Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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August 23 — Virgo Season Begins : Celebrate the start of Virgo season by planning your fall calendar and getting organized. Virgos are also sensitive and care deeply about those they love even if they can come off as harsh , so check in on those you really care about, including yourself. August 30 — New Moon in Virgo : Clear up clutter and start fresh by tossing out anything that may be harboring bad energy, such as exes' belongings. September 14 — Full Moon in Pisces : Harness the power of the full moon in this creative sign Pisces by drawing a bath.

As you cleanse yourself, try to shed any form of writer's block or fear that may be holding you back from creating art, whatever that means to you. September 23 — Libra Season Begins : Libras are the sign of balance and relationships although they're also great flirts, even when partnered so celebrate Libra season by going out and ethically getting your flirt on, either with new people or your current partner.

September 23 — Autumn Equinox : The leaves may be falling and cold nights are on their way, but there's nothing to fear, as with death comes rebirth. Throw a dinner party with friends and remind yourself that even as the season changes, you can rely on yourself. September 28 — New Moon in Libra : Now is the time to roll your sleeves up and get to work on those creative projects you reflected on during the full moon.

October 13 — Full Moon in Aries : Soak in the magickal light of the full moon like a strong Aries, as the full moon transits through this sign, and cast a spell or intention to manifest more abundance in your professional and financial realms. October 23 — Scorpio Season Begins : Scorpio is the sign of sex and rebirth , and it's no coincidence that this spooky and mysterious sign has their time during the period in which we celebrate such holidays as Halloween.

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It's the perfect time of year to embrace your sexuality and reflect on your shadow side. Sometimes, the things that are holding you back can be transformed into superpowers. October 27 — New Moon in Scorpio : Stay in and masturbate, and imagine a goal of yours coming to fruition as you orgasm. That's sex magick, and Scorpio season is ideal for it. October 31 — Mercury Retrograde : On Halloween , when you're likely to be out and partying, please double check that you're sexting the right person.

Mercury also goes retrograde on this night, and this cosmic event has a habit of messing with digital communication. November 8 — Saturn Sextile Neptune : In this final transit of the year, again, remember to practice moderation as this transit can encourage a little too much debauchery. November 12 — Full Moon in Taurus : Luxuriate in the Taurus full moon by hitting the town for a night out with friends, but don't be surprised if things get a little wild.

November 20 — Mercury Goes Direct : Still always double-check who you're consensually sexting , but breathe easier now that the planet of communication is moving in the right direction again. November 22 — Sagitarrius Season Begins: It's time to enter the holiday season with the boldness of a centaur as strong, intelligent, and travel-hungry Sagitarrius is here.

November 26 — New Moon in Sagittarius : During this time of year we celebrate what we're grateful for, so reflect on that during the new moon in Sagittarius. This sign loves to be the life of the party, which can definitely be wonderful but is best balanced when those who know you best are there to help ground you. December 2 — Jupiter leaves Sagittarius : Jupiter leaves Saggitarius, where it has been stationed since November 8, The planet's month-long run in adventurous, life of the party Saggitarius ends as the planet leaves Sagittarius and enters business-minded Capricorn, where it will stay from December 3 to December 18 of December 12 — Full Moon in Gemini : Embrace the power of the twins, as the moon harnesses their power, with a full moon meditation of self-love and acceptance.

December 21 — Capricorn Season Begins : Capricorn is probably the hardest working and most business-oriented signs of the Zodiac, but that doesn't mean they're no fun after all, David Bowie is a Capricorn. Write down your career goals to kick off Capricorn season. December 21 — Winter Solstice : The winter solstice should be spent with those who love and appreciate you, who you can joyfully reflect back on the year with. Of all the astrological events, remind yourself that it's okay to celebrate this one in whichever way is best for you.

December 26 — New Moon in Capricorn : Meditate in the quiet darkness of the new moon on all you hope to accomplish.


As it's also the day after a major holiday for many Christmas , today is a day for rest, anyway. December 26 — Annular Solar Eclipse : An annular solar eclipse is when the moon covers the sun but leaves the edges visible to create what looks like "a ring of fire.

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We'll find out when it happens, but during this eclipse, take it easy with a calming meditation. Don't forget to follow Allure on Instagram and Twitter. March March 5 — Mercury Goes Retrograde : Mercury retrograde means delays in communication, and it's not the best time to sign contracts or travel.

May May 4 — New Moon in Taurus : Act like a cuddly cow Taurus is represented by the bull and stay in for a lavish new moon bath by soaking in salts to cleanse and replenish as we celebrate new beginnings with a new moon in the sign of opulent Taurus. June June 3 — New Moon in Gemini : Go out on this dark summer night to a party or local bar and kick off the new lunar cycle Gemini-style by getting your flirt on.

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July July 2 — New Moon in Cancer : Embrace the fresh start of a dark sky, new moon, and new lunar cycle by gathering inside with your coven. December December 2 — Jupiter leaves Sagittarius : Jupiter leaves Saggitarius, where it has been stationed since November 8,