Todays 16 march my birthday horoscope

A raise is better. Because you have a strong desire to travel and explore new places, especially places of beauty, this is the perfect day to make plans! Not only to make plans, better yet, to act today on your urge to see beautiful buildings, parks, museums and galleries! Visit a special place. You can attract money to you today.

Oh yes. Ask for a loan, a mortgage or to borrow something from someone if you need it because the universe owes you a favour!

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Relations with close friends and partners are particularly warm and mutually beneficial today, which is why you will enjoy schmoozing with people. Meet friends for lunch. Enjoy the gang at Happy Hour because you will love the company of others. Today you might see ways to make your workspace more attractive. You might also get praise from colleagues, and some of you will even get a raise. Your health will feel vigourous; plus, your enjoyment of pets will be a pleasure.


It's a pleasant day! This is a fantastic day to party and enjoy the company of others. Grab a matinee. Socialize extensively. Meet friends for lunch or a drink after work. Enjoy sports events and playful activities with kids. You will also love to participate in the arts. This is the perfect day to entertain at home whether casually or more formally. By all means, tidy up and invite someone over! You will also enjoy redecorating your home; in addition to which, this is an excellent day to explore real estate deals or potential rentals.

Always make your words sweet in case you have to eat them later. Today you will have no trouble doing this because relations with everyone around you are warm and friendly. You will view your daily surroundings with greater appreciation and gratitude. This is a good money day for you! You can attract money to you. You might see ways to boost your income.

You might make money on the side.


In addition, if you're shopping today, you will buy something beautiful for yourself and loved ones. You are super charming today, which is why everyone will enjoy your company.

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Because this is a lovely, easy-going day - meet friends for lunch or after work. This is also the perfect day to buy wardrobe treasures for yourself. Secret love affairs might be taking place for some of you. If someone shows too much interest, listen more and say less.

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LEO July Aug. Protect your assets from anyone who is being nosy or manipulative. An impromptu decision will lead to a loss. Personal growth will lead to a positive lifestyle change.

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Exercise, physical labor or living a moderate lifestyle will encourage fitness and well-being. Listen to your heart, not hearsay. You are overdue for a change that will stimulate you to start something new. Travel, learning and emotional and spiritual growth are favored. Play it safe when it comes to investments and joint endeavors. A deal that includes others may not be as good as you are led to believe.

March 16 Birthday Horoscope

Live within your means, and avoid adding stress to your life. Birthday Baby: You are friendly, unique and fashionable. You are dependable and compassionate. By Eugenia Last. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us.