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If there is a progeny problem then also by doing shiv aradhna in a special manner will help to have a good baby. Planetary problems can easily be minimized by doing shiv pooja. If rudrakhsha is charged with shiva mantra and worn then it protect the person from evils. Shivratri Power: Shivratri is the night of shiva. It is the most powerful night to do the spiritual practices. Lord shiva blesses teh devotees who do worship on this night. The scholars use this night to gain powers.

Shri Rudram, an ancient Vedic Hymn by Music for Deep Meditation

Devotees of lord shiva do worship whole the night to get the blessings of lord shiva. Many types of rituals are done on this day like as-. If some one is suffering from evil eye effects then by doing tantrik anusthaan on this night will give relief. Black magic remedies can easily be done on the night of shiv ratri. If any one is suffering from pitra dosha or ancestors problem then by doing pooja on this day and night will help a lot. Solutions of many problems like as personal problems, professional problems, education problems are possibles on this night of shiva.

If any one want special magical powers or spiritual powers then also this shivaratri is very helpful. As it is said in our epics that shivratri is very auspicious night so don't waste this night. If you want my view i must say just keep yourself free from every work on the shivratri and engage in shiv pooja.

Some tips i am providing which will help you to gt power on shivratri:. If you are capable then keep fast on shivratri. Do light up a akhand deepak in your worship place for about 24 hours. Worship lord shiva by offering holy water, panchamrut, bel patra, dhatura etc.

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Do chant the shiv mantra 'om namah shivay' day and night. Also do hawan with shiv mantra. Take a vow that you will regularly chant the shiv mantra or shiv spell for a specific time. I am confident that if you do this process then definitely you will find some miraculous changes in your life in a very short period of time. If you want some special ritual to be done from my side on behalf of you then you are most welcome.

Just send your details and i will suggest you what to do on shivratri to overcome from problems. Get the grace of lord shiva, get the power of lord shiva, just activate the powers within. Consult now to get the way of success through Occult sciences.

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Click here To Consult astrologer On line. Shiv Panchakshari Strotram. But remember , That 1 hour 15 minutes will carry the Inauspicious effect of whole 7. Brahmin got up early, collected his lunch from his wife and left the home. On the way, one traveller asked him…. O brahmin,why are you looking so disturbed…? Traveller replied:- Tell me one thing, What exactly shani dev has promised?

March 8th Solar Eclipse And The Night Of Lord Shiva – Vedic Astrology

Brahmin replied:- He declared that he will come tommorow for 1 hour 15 minutes. Traveller:- Has he specified, the exact place of his arrival? Traveller:- Then, you may go anywhere, there is no escape from shani dev lord saturn. He kept on reciting the mantra ,till the evening…. As he started moing towards the home, he noticed 2 fresh watermelon lying on the field. Since he wanted to purchase those watermelons and was not able to locate the gardner, he thought.

Why not ,keep the due cost of the watermelons here only, for the gardner. He Lifted those watermelons, kept in his bag and started walking towards home. Gardner angrily asked the brahmin, what is there in your bag.?

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Brahmin softly replied that , I have taken 2 watermelons from your field and kept the amount there only…you can go and check. See some red liquid is leaking from your bag…. Brahmin in a state of shock had no idea, of How the hell those watermelons got transformed into Human Heads. As a result the brahmin was taken to the court of king.. The Next very moment, the king, Ordered death for the Innocent Brahmin. Now the brahmin was able to recall the voice of the traveller, his dream.

Shani dev replied:- I am bounded by the karm chakra, Thats the result of his own karmas actions …. The king was feeling very guilty and hence prayed the brahmin to forgive him. Brahmin replied:- O great king , It was not your fault, whatever happens. The brahmin was then rewarded with huge amounts of gold, silver coins, jwells etc. There are two very interesting story behind this fact. Since the time was not apt for food, chaya shadow refused to give food. On this shani dev said:- what kind of mother you are?

Once upon a time ,A rishi his name I am not able to recall used to live with his mother. O son, Lord shani had given Great tortures to your father. He was reduced to a penny and on top of that saturn made him a permanent patient. Your father was given all kinds of Body pains by Shani dev….. And finally your father died. Rishi angrily declared….

Shani dev have to bear the consequenses of his hard act. The strike of this weapon , could never ever go waste. Just then …. Whatever shani dev has done to your late father, was purely karm based. Its not the fault of shani dev….. Once Goddess Parvati did a tough tapasya, due to which she got a divine child as her son.

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  • She asked the child to guard the entrance and do not allow any male to enter in while she had a bath and rest. After a while Lord Shiva came. On refusal by the child, Shiv was furious. The child said to Shiv that he may not move in unless he defeats him. A fierce battle broke out. At first Lord Shiv tried moderate measure to defeat the child, but the child was a divine one and he proved to Mahadev the toughest opponent. At that time all Gods rushed to be at the side of Shiva. While Goddess, due to their natural motherly affection, supported the child.

    Goddesses knew very well that if Shani favoured Lord Shiva and cast his malefic vision over the child, the child will be hurt. So they asked Shani not to take part in this battle. Shani dev was bind by his promise to all Goddesses, but at the same time he did not want to offend the Trinity Lord brahma,vishnu,shiva , told them that though he cant participate in the battle directly but can cast his malefic drishti on the trident trishul of Mahadev lord shiva.

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    Now when Lord Shiv threw the thrisul at the child, the child was immediately beheaded. Hearing noises outside, Goddess Parvati too came. Seeing the condition of her son, Goddess Parvati cried and asked Mahadev shiva to alive their son else she will never forgive the Gods and Mahadev and will destroy the whole world. All the Gods started thinking of a possible solution as once someone is beheaded , it is not possible to alive him,…then Lord brahma suggested that there is only one way ….

    If there is any child who is sleeping with his mother with his face opposite to his mother and if his head is in the east direction…then the head of that child could be used to fix on the body of Ganesha, Then immediately all the gods, set off in search of such a child. After great search, they found a baby elephant who was in curse of being beheaded by a rishi ascetic and was also sleeping with head in east with his face opposite to his mother.

    And was blessed by Gods to be first worshipped in the world, even before the Trinity. Goddesses blessed him with intellect, wisdom and asked to be their companion, like wise all the gods..

    Shiva, the Supreme Lord of Yoga – American Institute of Vedic Studies

    Once ,Saturn wanted to learn the dharma shastra and approached Brihaspati. Initially Brihaspati explained the system in his ashram and the dakshina would be based on his judgment. Sanidev was adamant and insisted that he would give dakshina. So it was finally settled that the dakshina would be in the form of a reduced term of sadesati. Brihaspati taught him all the dharma shastra and Sanidev became the Dharmaraja having the complete knowledge of the implementation of justice that is why the balance Libra is the ninth house from Aquarius.

    One day as he plucked flowers for his daily worship, the royal couple were in the neighborhood and the prince Mercury entered the garden to play. The prince was missing after sometime and a frantic search yielded nothing.