Lunar eclipse red moon astrology

So, a moon appears red and gets its blood name because of crossing with the Sun during a lunar eclipse. There has not been a moon like this one since , so it will be incredibly powerful.

This means that we more than likely will be feeling the themes of both and ending and a beginning; we might have to leave something behind in order to move forward. Wolves are an interesting animal symbolism for this moon because there is also some contradiction with their meaning. They are seen as solitary creatures often, especially when we think of them howling at the moon.

It can come across as lonely, yet they have an incredibly strong and complex family system. Of course, this lunation is also in the sign of Leo, the lion, the king of the jungle, and also another strong, independent animal who is often pictured on his own roaming the world. To add to this change of mind attitude, we also have Aquarius seasons starting on the 20th, inspiring us all to connect with our inner rebel and give the finger to anything or anyone that tries to take away from our own authenticity.

After that, the eclipse shadow will begin to move away, finally ending in the early morning hours. For those that have never seen the actual eclipse, it is a beautiful but slow event.

Wait, why is it called a "super blood wolf moon?"

And with the energies of this moon, it has the power to take this one moment and change our lives forever. During this full moon in Leo, pay close attention to your feelings, even those persistent thoughts you might have tried to put off thinking of. I was asked to leave the job end Dec and we are having discussions since then.

Can you advise if I can regain this position through Jan 21st eclipse please? I have never seen such a challenging chart for the US. Eclipse was tightly conjunct my Mercury but nothing happened that I know of. Where is your North node? This point is said to guide your destiny. Glad to hear it. My NN is 21 Taurus. But my Sun is 17 Leo and asc is 12deg45 Leo.

What Does the Full Moon in Leo Mean?

Nothing has clicked. So about 6 months from now. You just made my day.

I checked 6 months from now and you were spot on. Uranus will be conjunct my MC at that time. And the full moon in June will be smack on my progressed MC. Plus a couple of conjunctions to that stellium you mentioned. Progressed Moon in 10th house. Almost forgot, SA Moon conjunct that stelllum. Any more thoughts? Prog Moon angular 10th will hone your command of day-to-day activities, while undergoing personal resurrection during the evenings.

Priorities become clearer now. During this 9 year period, which you are in, Go To the South Node until age When the eclipse series is over at this age, revert to following your NN. I was looking at the progressed Gault discovery chart today, and I believe it has prophetic value. What do you think? You would know a lot more than me. Tertiary is third level. Thanks for those details. We have harpooned the great whale Gault, and a Tertiary look seems to be in order.

Super Blood Moon astrology: Everything to know about YOUR eclipse horoscope |

I can confirm that this eclipse is culminating scandalous events triggered by the previous Leo-Aqua axis eclipses. Also, I really felt the positive Jupiter-Venus conjunction. Hope everyone is experiencing a fortuitous boost from that. Since we are looking at a country chart, the New Electric could be plausibly, the newly electrified asteroid Gault, which, in the Constitution chart, resides at 18 deg Aqu, along with asteroid Child and Pluto.

The inception occurred last November. Perhaps look for further evidence the beginning of Leo , when your Mars conjuncts the Sun, and the capability of a successful birth is enhanced. Provocative ideas. Also, the inception of what happened last November? Fascinating, Gerald! Interesting Sun-Gault conjunction, but what is known about the astrology of the Gault asteroid?

Do you have links? We are creating the astrology in real time. Thanks for the NN position. Hi Chrissy, North and South Nodes are always located in polarity i.

The Super Blood Moon 12222 Is A Total Lunar Eclipse & A Powerful Culmination From The Heavens

Scorpio and Leo are in square 90 degr relationship. Perhaps you meant that your rising sign is Scorpio, and your South Node is in Leo? Eclipses will impact the most only when they hit an aspect in exact or tight degree within a range of 5 to 10 degrees to a placement in your chart. So, for example, if your South Node were at 0 degrees Leo, then you would certainly experience an impact from the eclipse at 0 degrees Leo. As for how it would play out, numerous factors, especially the House placement of the eclipse would hold key clues.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Hope that helps. Gault Asteroid number Electric telegram sent, Gault has turned into a comet. First impacted October Thought you might all like the syncronicity of that. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. Lunar Eclipse January Lunar Eclipse January Map.

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January 7, January 27, Jamie Partridge. My natal Venus is in Aquarius at 1 degree, will it be impacted? And how? Nina — Yes, you will be personally impacted. Thank you Gerald! Can you explain why you consider Venus weakened at this eclipse?

Venus is not too well positioned… Reply. Perhaps watch for an effect when Mars conjuncts Andromeda. I have my natal sun at 0degrees54minsAries, so trine the Moon Reply. Unexpected news for nerds… Asteroid Gault , has been observed with a cometary tail. So this isSept My natal Jupiter R is 7 degrees Aquarius in the 11th house. How will this affect me? Looks like these transits favor a major earthquake in the Midwest US. Haha Reply.