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Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 3, and January 22, Overview means better luck, especially in interpersonal relationship and career, for you Ox people of as you will usher in a happier phase in love and get more care from both your partner and children.

The booming career and great popularity will bring you very considerable incomes.

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As for health, you may suffer from insomnia occasionally and no serious problems, so take it easy. Wealth Whether you're a wage earner or an entrepreneur, you will have better luck for wealth and gain more from your efforts.

Scorpio Horoscope 2020

The better interpersonal relationship will benefit you Oxen in business to intensify the promotion and improve the services for better customer satisfaction and more regular customers, from which you will earn more money. A conservative attitude will be the right choice for you to accumulate money and do not invest in the risky projects, or you will suffer losses from unfamiliarity or greed. You female Oxen of are not suggested to buy unnecessary skin care products as you will more likely choose the unsuitable items.

Career The luck for career will be quite good for you Ox people born in For wage-earners, you will act in harmony with colleagues or team members and cooperate well in work.

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You can use your skills and proficiency to expand business this year, or take training courses and improve your skills in spare time. For entrepreneurs, the excellent contacts will bring you more big projects but don't get too cocky or squabble with others - a humble and open attitude will be more conducive to your company's future development.

Love Relationship In the year, you Oxen will have slightly better luck for love relationship, especially you male Oxen, and you will further improve the relationship more easily. For females, you need to take the initiative to strive for chances, or you will find the slow, even no progress in love relationship. For you married Oxen, you will have better relationship with your partner and may share fun with your family or talk to them more to improve the family atmosphere and have more topics with your partner. Health With an average luck for health, you will be generally in good health yet prone to gastrointestinal discomfort due to your less care and irregular diet.

You need to change the eating habits in time and try to keep it light at night. If practical, you may take more walks outdoors and bask more to improve your physical fitness and relax.

For you adventurous Oxen, try to stay away from high-risk activities this year, such as skydiving and bungee jumping, or your health will be affected. Messenger planet Mercury enters Pisces, bringing news about money your way and finding you discussing self-worth and security.

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Communication planet Mercury enters your sign today, Pisces! Stay flexible! Messenger planet Mercury enters Pisces, boosting your intuition. This is a fantastic time to focus on dreamwork and to explore your subconscious. The moon enters Taurus, finding you focused on security. The moon enters your sign tonight, Taurus—pamper yourself!

Communication planet Mercury enters Pisces, encouraging you to network; exciting meetings will take place over the next few weeks. Your ruling planet Mercury enters creative water sign Pisces, bringing you plenty of inspiration, especially in your career. Exciting conversations about your goals and achievements are taking place. Messenger planet Mercury enters fellow water sign Pisces, bringing news from faraway places. A new perspective is here. The moon enters Taurus, encouraging you to network.


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Communication planet Mercury enters sensitive water sign Pisces, finding you thinking about your emotions. This is a fantastic time to journal, vent to your friends, and go to therapy. A transformation around how you think and express yourself is taking place.