Full moon january 1 astrology

Moon in Cancer is the archetypal Mother, the listener, the homemaker and the healer. She wants her babies to be safe under her wing and in her nest. She wants to nurture and nourish them, and to see to it that all of their needs get met. Cancer Moon is historically-oriented, moody, and sentimental. We can feel extra sensitive, so let this be a time of self-care. Make space for your emotions today. Feel all the feels. Meet your needs as if you were your own child. Make yourself cozy and cared for.

Give yourself comfort and pillows and yummy beverages and plenty of snacks. Embrace history.

Moon Phase for New Year's Day - cesdiaconfoilim.tk

Take a trip down memory lane. Look at photographs and gifts from the past. Honor your lineage, whether by blood or by spirit, and anchor more deeply into relationship with your familiars. Cancer is so sensitive that its feels can run extra high. It tries to protect itself by putting up walls and creating a hard shell to live within. Home is where the heart is. Remind yourself that you belong here, now. When you nourish your own inner potential, all will be well in the safe space of self in which you dwell. This moon is positioned at the tail end of a Kite formation in the sky; a grand water trine funneling its energy into the planets transiting Capricorn.

While emotions and sensitivity may run high during this moon, the lesson is about increasing your wisdom, patience, and self-management. Avoid being hard on yourself and others. Instead, decide what strategies and boundaries can help everyone get their needs met. The Sun, Venus, and Lilith are conjunct in Capricorn. Revelations come forth about relationships, love, money, appearances, values, and resources. What feels important to solidify and crystallize in these areas? Are your relationships built on mutual empowerment and respect?

If you are in a relationship, your commitments can be tested and deepened. If you are seeking a partner, today may highlight the ways we tend to hold ourselves apart from what we want. Most conflicts can be resolved through increasing love; especially self-love. Mars is conjunct Jupiter and Vesta in Scorpio and still within orb of a trine to Neptune. Motivations and desires are heightened, deepened, and expanded.

Inner wells are broad and fathomless. Plunge into inner depths. Sex can be intensely intimate and metamorphic. There are spiritual influences at work. Allow yourself to be moved. Gentleness and focus are powerful.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

This moon has a distinctly feminine feel. More than the Mother archetype; the maiden and Crone are both present, as well as the oft-disowned feminine spirit who is wild, untamed, and refuses to be dominated by external powers. Invoke the triple Goddess today. Consult your inner Crone for crystal clarity, fortified confidence, and firm support. Feed and love yourself well. Lean into the wisdom you keep in your bones.

Mercury is traveling Direct now, and will clear its shadow January 10th. Saturn transitioned into Capricorn last month and will remain there for the next 3 years. Intuitive Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg created a virtual workshop with details about Saturn in Capricorn.

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Good for beginners and expert astrologers alike. Trust — someone like you will never lose the fierce zest you have for life. Like aging fine wine, practicing patience will only make you better. Responsibilities you take on now will help fortify your foundations.


Moon Phases: How Does The New Moon Affect Us?

Get yourself a steady place to call home. Notice what your needs are in terms of profession. Make commitments that could eventually turn into a career. This is a supportive moon for drawing allies close. Surround yourself with community that encourages your uniqueness. Be enamored by the special gifts each of your accomplices possesses and expresses. Like moths to a flame, they find you when you live your joy. Has something been weighing you down as of late? What would it feel like to simply release whatever stands between you and your happiness?

Commit to your creativity and happiness.

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Pleasure is a worthy investment. Relax and soften. Take private time away from other people and go into silence. The feels you are feeling now may not be things you can verbalize or articulate. Meditate, rest, and unwind. Healing occurs in the space between the thoughts. Observe that space. An old lifestyle is coming to a close. Something underneath habitual patterns is unraveling.

Allow yourself to be undone. Reset your schedule. Square meals a day and regular exercise are acts of self-love. Organize your New Year routine to be in service to your highest health. Other people in your life are in the spotlight, taking precedence and priority. So often you are the caretaker. While this is a delightful role, take a moment to reflect: What are your own personal needs? Are they getting met? Do you feel a sense of belonging in your own skin? While the external environment is important, the real home lies within your sense of self.

To feel most at home, nourish yourself.

Full Moon in Aries 13th October 2019

Get back to the basics. Look to the root. Attachments, resources, finances, and core values are coming to the fore. Are you in a place of comfort and stability? If power issues have been arising as of late, this moon offers a chance to view some of your basic underlying insecurities. Everybody has them. This is an opportunity to further evolve them.

Hold it with acceptance. Shine the light of your noble heart on it. Offer it generosity of spirit, and watch it transform before your eyes. Ah, the learning journey. Virgo understands that all of life is a process. Sometimes we get in a rut and life becomes swallowed by errands and mundane tasks. When we get too close to the work being done on the ground, we can become restless and longing for new horizons.

This eclipse could send the most modest among us on a walk of fame. Post the Instagram, wage a PR campaign, make sure the world knows what you're capable of—and what you've already created while they were busy paying attention to someone else.