Sun moon blends astrology

Sun and moon square in this combo, so your way of being at times clashes with your emotional nature.

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An Aires with a Leo moon is motivated when your heart's in it, and you love to be in love. The Aries spirit for initiating with this moon surges out from the personality, the distinct shine of the self. You are a natural leader at home in the spotlight, and your creations have a style that's one of a kind. You relax by playing impromptu games, doing things just for fun, being with kids, or getting wrapped in the embrace of an ardent lover.

Having a Virgo moon is an odd mix, with Aries looking before leaping and Virgo's caution and need for order. You thrive with a steady routine that feels efficient. You enjoy being at the Aries creative edge in situations that make sense and are not out of control. You relax with solitude and by tuning in to the needs of the moment. An Aries with a Libra moon is one who is always checking his or her self in the mirror of relationships. You are at home melding energies with one another. There can be wild swings to either extreme—of considering only me and only we.

The sun and moon oppose each other for a lifelong meditation on being a free individual that thrives in the give and take of relationships. You relax in beautiful, artful places, away from the maddening crowd. A Scorpio moon is a naturally guarded and self-controlled moon, at odds with the outbursts of Aries.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

You seek experiences of emotional catharsis, deep love, and the creative process. You are emotionally perceptive and powerful when channeling that intensity into your highest goals. You relax with vigorous exercise or lovemaking. The Sagittarius fire moon accentuates the free-spirited nature of Aries.

You are loyal to life experience and chafe at being slowed down or restrained. You dream of adventure travel and learning new things firsthand. You relax by experiencing physical feats, having sexual encounters, socializing, and trekking across new terrain. When it comes to your personality, your sun sign is a constant; it's your core at a basic level.

It shows what motivates and drives us — what pushes us to success," explains Stardust. Basically, the sun relates your life path and the truest core of who you are — it's generally considered your highest expression of self. As Watt explains to Bustle, "Your sun sign is an indication of how you present yourself to the world and is associated with your unique identity.

The sun placement in a chart will often give a lot of info on how one may express themselves and can often have an effect on creativity. That said, it does make some sense why there's an added emphasis on sun signs in mainstream astrology. So whereas your rising sign is your surface-level personality and your moon sign is your private emotional self as you'll learn more about below , your sun is your personality's center , much in the way that the sun is the center of our little universe.

All right, let's step out of the sunshine and journey into the beauty and sensitivity of the moon-ruled night! Just as the moon in the sky rules over the nighttime and all that hides there, so does your moon sign — so basically, it relates to the private, emotional, beneath-the-surface parts of your personality.

When you've got that, you can either consult an astrologer or use an online moon sign calculator to find out what sign rules your lunar self. The moon has always been linked to our emotions, so it makes sense that your moon sign rules over your emotional and more intimate side. Again, in the theme of darkness and shadows, your moon side rules the more shadowy parts of your personality — the sides that only the people closest to you get to see.

This part of yourself can also come out if you're in a highly stressful situation, and there are other times when your moon sign could eclipse your sun sign , too.

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And the lunar energy can manifest in very different ways, depending on which sign its in within your personal natal chart. So if the sun is our yang, you can think of the moon as our yin: "The moon is the luminary that reflects the sun's light, and is therefore its yin counterpart," Otero explains to Bustle.

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As the luminary that cycles relatively rapidly through phases of light, it corresponds with the many stages of life, particularly early life when our existence depends on the sustenance of caregivers," she continues. It's the emotional, vulnerable, and more private side of your personality that likes to feel comfortable and safe before it steps out of the shadows and reveals itself to others. Choose a file. Save Review. Save Video.

Sun in Aquarius — Moon in Cancer

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What Your Moon Sign Reveals About Your Emotional Personality

Thanks for letting us know. If you can point us in the right direction This post was Flag for removal. Save Comment. Mary Cole — June 9, Thank you for making me my perfect complement. I was curious and excited about having my own custom blend! It is absolutely a beautiful fragrance, amazed, happy and blissed! My own bottle of sunshine! Jessy — June 5, I was so interested in seeing what my very own custom astrological blend would smell like I thought I would give a try…. I never tried the astrological scents before but its a perfect for me …. My blend of Cancer, Cancer and Taurus seems to suit me perfectly no surprise there! Heather — June 4, I am double Sag with Aquarius moon. I love the Sag blend so I thought it would be interesting to see the change with the Aquarius moon.

It is a BIG difference. I love it, but it has changed the energy of it considerably. If you are curious to explore your mix of signs in a perfume, this is perfect.